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Cheboygan Recycling Drop Sites

City of Cheboygan
County Building
870 S Main St
Open 24/7
Indian River
On Martha Street, off Straights Highway
Open 24/7
Aloha Township Hall
3012 N M-33
Open 24/7
Benton Township Hall
Benton Township site available only to Benton Township residents. To use any County recycling sites, these residents must first purchase an individual permit. 
5012 Orchard Beach Rd. 
Alverno Open 24/7
East Burt Township Transfer Station
Crump Rd, north of Mullett-Burt Rd.
Open 9-5 Saturday and 9-1 Monday
Waverly Township Hall
11133 Twin School Rd
Open 24/7
West Burt Township Transfer Station
Indian Rd
Open 24/7
Walker Township
7021 Montgomery Rd
Open 24/7