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Grants & Loans

The following list of State and federal grant and loan programs gives an overview of those most commonly used by local governmental units in the region. These are programs which have the intent of promoting community and economic development within a community, mostly through the development or improvement of a community's infrastructure. In all cases, the eligible applicants for these funds are local units of government or non-profit corporations, as well as others. For information regarding programs of direct assistance to private for-profit businesses, click here.  This is not a complete listing of all sources of governmental assistance.  

Community Development Block Grant Program
The Michigan CDBG program funds generally target economic development, downtown development, and housing projects. For a complete summary of the approved programs, refer to Michigan's Consolidated Plan.

Eligible program uses include:

  • Blight Elimination Grants
  • Business Assistance Loans through the Revolving Loan Program
  • Direct Assistance to Business Grants
  • Façade Improvement Grants
  • Infrastructure Grants- Business Development and Downtown Development
  • Planning Grants
  • Signature Building Acquisition Grants

Recreation Grants Program
The Michigan DNR has several grant programs which fund local community recreation development and acquisition projects. Learn more

Michigan Department of Transportation Funding
MDOT offers grant programs relating to transportation projects. Learn more

Michigan Local Government Incentives
By State law local units of government are allowed to form authorities in order to help address certain economic and community development issues.  Read in-depth about current community and economic development tools available within Michigan.

  • Local Development Finance Authority
  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
  • Economic Development Corporation
  • Business Improvement District
  • Corridor Improvement Authority
  • Historic Neighborhood Tax Increment Financing Authority
  • Neighborhood Improvement Authority
  • Neighborhood Enterprise Zone

For more information on brownfield grants and loans, please contact: 

Julie Lowe, EGLE Brownfield Grant and Loan Coordinator
Brownfield Assessment & Redevelopment Section
Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Economic Development Administration Funds
Cities, states, counties, Indian tribes, economic development districts, institutions of higher education and most non-profit entities are eligible for EDA funds if the area to be served by the project:

  • Has a 24 month unemployment rate at least one percent above the national average, or
  • Has an average per capita income 80% or less than the national average or
  • Has a special need for assistance (based on EDA criteria for a "special need").
  • The proposed project must create permanent jobs and leverage private sector investment.
  • The proposed project must be listed in a locally adopted "Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy" (CEDS) or in a document which meets EDA's criteria for a CEDS.  In most areas the CEDS is developed through the regional economic development district.  Contact EDA for more information.

US Department of Agriculture - Rural Development
USDA Rural Development has a variety of funding sources for projects relating to business, community facilities, multi-family housing, single-family housing, telecommunications, electric, and water/environmental. Learn more

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