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Pure Michigan Byways

finalbywaysigndesign_1.pngFrom shore to shore, from border to border, across Michigan, communities large and small are joining together to drive home their heritage. They're preserving Michigan's unique recreational, scenic and historic cultural treasures, knitted together through a common thread: roads. They're encouraging travelers to slow down, take the roads less traveled, and discover the true beauty, wonder and traditions that are uniquely Michigan.

Established by the Michigan Legislature in 1993, the Pure Michigan Byways Program is a grass-roots effort uniting local residents, their government officials, landowners and interested groups in a common cause to preserve the state's unique scenic, historic or recreational highways. This Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) program helps ensure that the rich heritage of local highways and roadsides continues to play an important role in improving Michigan's economy and quality of life.

us_23_heritage_route_map.jpgHelpful links:

View a map of all current Pure Michigan Byways

US 23 Heritage Route - A 200-mile Pure Michigan Byways along Lake Huron


Current Projects

Update and reprint of the US 23 Heritage Route Touring Guide


  • US 23 Management Plan available online.

Contact Info

Denise Cline
US 23 Program Manager