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Joint Land Use Study

The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments has received a grant from the US Department of Defense to conduct a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for Camp Grayling and the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center.
A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process among Camp Grayling and surrounding local jurisdictions within a 20 mile radius and Alpena CRTC and surrounding jurisdictions within a 15 mile radius and the State of Michigan to:
1) promote community development that is compatible with military training, testing, and operational missions; and
2) seek ways to manage operational impacts on adjacent lands.
JLUS Area of Influence


Feb 22, 2022
The Grayling Area Transportation Study has been updated and released this month. The updated study was funded by the United States Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment through a grant more...