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Cheboygan County Recycling

Cheboygan RecyclingCheboygan County Recycling Contact Info:

Official Cheboygan County Recycling Page: https://www.cheboygancounty.net/departments-services/recycling/
(231) 627-7051

Who Can Use Cheboygan's Recycling Facilities?

Residents of: 
City of Cheboygan and Aloha, Hebron, Mullett,  Beaugrand, Inverness, Munro, Burt, Koehler, Tuscarora, Ellis, Mentor, Waverly, and Walker Townships.
All others may buy an individual permit for $36 or pay a volume-based fee for businesses and non-households. 
What happens to things that you recycle?
If you live in Cheboygan County, Emmet County, or Presque Isle County, they are processed and marketed through the Emmet County Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Check out this quick video tour of the facility and learn a bit about the factories that use your materials to make new products.
Flat Friends - Recycling Video for Kids!