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Northeast Michigan Broadband Expansion

Northeast Michigan - Broadband Priorities

Linking our communities to the global marketplace is one of our top priorities. Everyone has a stake in making sure our residents and business owners are well connected. What does it mean to our local economy to be better connected?

  • Being connected to broadband provides households with an estimated $1,850 annual economic benefit and increases home values by 3.1% on average.
  • Farmers see an estimated 6% increase in revenue when connected to broadband.
  • Small businesses with websites have higher annual revenue.
  • Tele-medicine adds an estimated $522,000 to rural economies and reduces hospitalizations. 

We're working to:

  1. Create opportunities for ISP's to connect to existing vertical assets (towers).
  2. Ensure streamlined permitting. An evaluation of existing zoning ordinances and right of way permit requirements determines barriers to broadband installation.
  3. Promote broadband grant programs. 
  4. Create partnerships to Raise Awareness.

Broadband News

May 12, 2022
The Alcona EDC, in partnership with Connected Nation and NEMCOG, has completed the Alcona County Technical Report and Recommendations". This project was funded by the Economic Development Administration through a grant more...