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Coastal Tourism Marketing, Publications & Resources


hdphotos_1.jpgEnhance your business’s promotional materials with photos and images of Northeast Michigan’s coastal landscape accented by fabulous natural, historical, and cultural resources and attractions. Photos courtesy of Michigan Sea Grant.  Northeast Michigan Area Photos


Do you have a publication enhancing coastal resource interpretation or tourism development opportunities in Northeast Michigan? To have it reviewed and included on this website, contact us.

Maps & Wayfinding

Interpretive Publications

Education & Outreach

Regional Initiatives

Northeast Michigan boasts many regional interpretive, wayfinding, and tourism marketing initiatives in support of coastal tourism. Coastal businesses can benefit greatly through involvement in these initiatives, both contributing to greater the greater regional community success of these initiatives and in promoting your individual business through these collaborations.

Tourism Market Research

Market Specific Resources

Recreational Boating

Lake Huron Fisheries

Professional Organizations

Local Organizations
Check with your local Chamber of Commerce or Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for other resources. Local Boards, Advisory Committees, or Friends Groups affiliated with local resource management agencies and areas may also be helpful.