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Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is Program Specific

  • The program serves ONLY felony offenders, sentenced or charged. Misdemeanors are no longer served as the program is designed to reduce recidivism among felony offenders who are moderate to high-risk of re-offending. 

The Defendant Must Be Court Ordered

  • No history of assaultive behavior (defined as 2 or more assaultive offences in the past 5 years). 
  • Felons with applicable sentencing guidelines.
  • Felons with applicable COMPAS Risk/Needs Assessment scores of moderate to high-risk in various risk categories.
  • Felony probation violators.
  • Defendants pending criminal case conclusion scoring moderate to high risk on the PRAXIS Risk Assessment.

Additional criteria for the incarcerated offender:

  • Must be a model inmate.
  • No behavior problems during incarceration.
  • No medical problems that would prohibit or limit full participation in the community service work program.
  • No out of county inmates are eligible.
  • Minimum and medium security, low risk jail classification.