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Country Road in NE Michigan

Each year, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments receives state funds under the statewide "Regional Transportation Planning" program as legislated by Act 51's Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF). The Regional Transportation Program serves local units of government and the Michigan Department of Transportation by providing a variety of transportation-related information and analysis needed for decision-making in non-metropolitan areas.  NEMCOG's work program includes the following activities:

We provide program and financial status accounts which satisfy requirements of the Regional Agency and MDOT and provide program administration and management support.

Technical Assistance to MDOT
We assist in various tasks to update the Statewide Long-Range Plan (SLRP) and a State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Included are potential coordination and hosting of public involvement meetings as required.  Also, assistance in various tasks in addressing specific Department issues, projects and programs, such as road, transit, non-motorized, rail, marine, airport, State Planning and Research (SPR) Program, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Program, Enhancement (ENH) Program, Heritage Route (Scenic By-Ways) Program and other Department projects, programs, and issues. Work with MDOT as appropriate through the Program Coordinator and Manager, MDOT Regions and Transportation Service Centers (TSC), to reach mutual agreement of processes and resources in conducting such work.

Technical Assistance to Member Agencies
We provide services to local transportation oriented entities with activities to improve existing transportation systems, add new transportation systems, and address local transportation issues directly relating to future actions to improve the area's transportation system.

Asset Management
We provide Technical Assistance to the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC).  We participate in a multi-agency team to collect PASER data on the federal aid eligible road network within the region.  Provide information and assistance to local agencies on the Asset Management Process.

HPMS Update
Assist MDOT by annually updating sample segment data in accordance with the Highway Performance Management System (HPMS), Traffic Monitoring Guide (TMG), and AASHTO guidelines, as provided by MDOT.

Traffic Counting
We obtain traffic volume data and determine AADT for strategic locations within the region and assist the Department in obtaining supplemental counts and counts provided to developers, local jurisdictions, and others agencies.

Public Involvement
We assist MDOT in providing the public an opportunity, as appropriate, to review and comment on activities related to this Program.

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