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Profiling the Hot Jobs in Northeast Michigan

To address Northern Michigan’s shortage of workers with the skills to supply today’s workforce, Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA) has brought together various partners including Local Intermediate School District’s (Char-Em ISD, IOSCO ISD, and CORE ISD), Networks Northwest, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments, Baker College, North Central Michigan College, Kirtland Community College, Spring Arbor University, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Works! and local employers to share information about regional “in-demand” careers and training opportunities.

Thanks to funding from DTE Energy Foundation and Northeast Michigan Council of Governments, NLEA hired four interns over two years (2016 & 2017) to collect and provide the information regarding the pathways to the careers specified, interviews from employers/employees and students who describe the paths they have taken from education to employment.

Northeast Michigan (Region 3) encompasses 11 counties. Each area below will describe multiple careers, outline education and training opportunities in the area, as well as earning potential, daily tasks, and professional profiles

Workforce Sectorsregional_map_537423_7.png