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Diane Rekowski
Executive Director
Phone: 989-705-3734
Denise Cline
Deputy Director/Chief Planner
Phone: 517-925-8533
Nico Tucker
Transportation and Resource Planner
Phone: 989-705-3732
Steve Schnell, AICP
Community and Economic Development Senior Planner
Phone: 989-705-3722
Theresa Huff
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 989-705-3731
Karen Cole
Accountant/Finance Director
Phone: 989-733-8548 x2315
Nichole Palmer
Community Corrections Program Manager
Phone: 989-705-3735
Richard Deuell, AICP
Consulting Planner
Phone: 989-705-3730
Christina McEmber
Assistance Community Planner
Phone: 989-705-3736