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Joint Land Use Study

The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) is seeking qualifications and proposals from firms to prepare a joint land use study (JLUS) for Camp Grayling Joint Military Training Center located in Crawford County, Michigan, and the Alpena Joint Training Center located in Alpena County, Michigan,  on behalf of its member municipalities. DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) provides grants to state and local governments to conduct a JLUS to support the long-term sustainability and operability of the military installation complex. A grant to NEMCOG to conduct a JLUS has been awarded by OEA. Interested firms must demonstrate knowledge and experience in community planning, development and land use issues, fiscal impact analysis, economic development, and military installation management and operations. Responses to this request must be received by NEMCOG no later than Thursday, February 16, 2017, at 4 p.m. Responses received after this deadline will not be considered. A copy of the full RFQ/RFP may be downloaded here.

Project Timeline

January 4, 2017                   Publish RFP

January 18, 2017                 Pre-Proposal Written Questions Due

January 23, 2017                 Response to Written Pre-Proposal Questions Posted

1st week of March, 2017   Oral Presentations Held

February 16, 2017               Proposals due.

March 16, 2017                    Final contract.

April 3, 2017                         Kick-off meeting.


Questions Submitted:

1. Will NEMCOG share answers to questions that come from other firms?

Answer: Yes

2. Aside from presenting the final JLUS -what role will the consultant have in formal adoption by local jurisdictions?

Answer: The consultant’s responsibility will be to only present the final JLUS to local jurisdiction legislative bodies for formal adoption. It is not the consultant’s responsibility to ensure that the JLUS gets adopted by each participating local unit of government. NEMCOG will monitor the adoption process and will keep records of the local units of governments that have officially adopted the plan

3. Under task 4.1 - will NEMCOG identify specific individuals to interview and help set up appointments?  

Answer: NEMCOG staff will assist in identifying specific individuals to interview. NEMCOG staff will assist in setting up the interviews. NEMCOG views this task as one that will be coordinated and shared with the consultant.

4. Is the internet-based mapping portal (sub task 3.2) something that adds to existing material on the NEMCOG website – or something separate.

Answer: Ideally, adding existing material to the NEMCOG website would be the desired outcome. However, if that is not possible and a new site needs to be created, NEMCOG is willing to be flexible in order to implement this sub-task.

5. Can NEMCOG share an expected funding range for this work?  We have been involved in similar work in another state and a budget was known. It is understood that project funding will come from DOD and the State.

Answer: NEMCOG has chosen not to assign a funding range for this project. Proposals will be evaluated based on the quality of the proposal, the best value for the project, and the evaluation criteria listed on page 26 of the RFP rather than on the lowest dollar proposal.