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JLUS Public Participation

Public participation is an integral part of the JLUS planning process to help ensure decisions are made in consideration of and to benefit public needs and preferences. Early and continuous public involvement brings diverse viewpoints and values into the decision-making process. This process enables the participants to make better informed decisions through collaborative efforts and builds mutual understanding and trust among stakeholders and the general public.  Successful public participation is a continuous process, consisting of a series of activities and actions to both inform the public and stakeholders and to obtain input from them which influence decisions that affect their lives.
The public involvement strategy will include the refinement of the identification of key stakeholders, specific schedule, and methods of communication tools to provide key project planning information to the following groups:
  • Elected Officials and Municipal Staff
  • JLUS Project Stakeholders
  • General Public
  • Target Groups (such as major landowners, employers, homebuilders, real estate industry, etc.)
  • Media
The public involvement strategy will include a variety of communication tools to facilitate early and continuing outreach to the above groups, such as: periodic newsletters, JLUS project website, media releases/media kits, periodic fact sheets, etc.