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On-the-Job Training is a Win-Win for Business and New Hire

Nicholas OJT

Nicholas M. came to Michigan Works looking for a new career. He had great interest in starting a position at a screen printing company, but lacked knowledge of how to do the job. Michigan Works’ Business Services Professional, Shelly Blankenship, worked with the employer, Family Enterprise Inc., and set up Nicholas with on-the-job training. The OJT program helps to cover some of Nicholas’ wages while he is hands-on job training. The OJT has allowed Nicholas to learn from his mistakes without the fear or tension of losing the company money by destroying expensive garments. Thanks to the OJT program, both the employee and the employer have been able to take a deep breath and relax during these learning moments, while in the past others in the same role have absolutely broken down.

Created on Wednesday, February 10, 2021