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Presque Isle County: What do I do with?

First Bin Recycling First Bin:

Mixed Containers

 Juice boxes, milk cartons and paper cups

  • NO juice pouches or straws

Plastic bottles, jugs and jars, tubs, trays and cups

  • Any 2.5 gallons or less
  • Yes, plastic caps and lids, on their container are now recyclable
  • NO styrofoam

Metal cans, foil and trays, aluminum, steel and tin

  • Metal lids, too
  • NO aerosol cans or propane tanks

Glass bottles and jars

  • All colors and clear
  • NO light bulbs, window glass, or glass dishes
NO Non-container plastic, metal or glass
NO Styrofoam
NO Sharps

Second Bin:

Second Bin Recycling

Paper, Boxes & Bags

 Cardboard and paper bags

  • Also OK to include: boxes from frozen and refrigerated foods; boxboard - like cereal boxes and paper towel cores
  • Please flatten boxes
  • NO Styrofoam

Newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books

  • All OK: hardcover, paperback and phone books

Office paper

  • Also OK to include: envelopes and file folders and shredded paper. Please contain shredded paper in a plastic grocery bag.

Plastic grocery bags and bread bags

  • BAG YOUR BAGS - stuff all of your plastic bags into one bag and tie it shut.
  • Also OK to include: case wrap (as used on multipacks of water bottles, paper towel rolls), bubble wrap, plastic envelopes
  • NO "crunchy" plastic film, i.e. chip/pretzel bags, cellophane

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