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Out of School Youth Overcomes Obstacles to Obtain GED


In March 2020, after being home schooled for a few years, Destiney came to Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium seeking to obtain her GED. She began working with Jeanie Flory, a WIOA Youth Career Advisor. Destiney was working at the time, so Jeanie helped her get enrolled into some study sessions. Shortly after starting in the WIOA Out of School Youth Program, Destiney was laid off due to COVID-19. She saw this as an opportunity to focus on her studying full time. Then Destiney became pregnant, but she did not see this as a barrier and instead was even more focused on getting her GED before her baby was born.

Jeanie helped Destiney borrow a laptop to complete her studying. About 5 months later, Destiney was able to pass all her pre-tests to allow her to complete her GED. The WIOA Youth Program helped Destiney pay for her pre-tests and tests, as well as mileage assistance for testing. When Destiney was one test away from completing her GED, she had her baby. Undeterred, Destiney completed her GED two weeks later.

Destiney continues to do well and is looking forward to going to college now, to become a vet.

Created on Tuesday, January 5, 2021