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Talent Tours at Weyerhaeuser, Carmeuse, and Conveyor Systems, Inc.

Weyerhaeuser Holds Virtual Talent Tour for Grayling High School Students
On October 23, in recognition of Manufacturing Month, Weyerhaeuser held a virtual Talent Tour for 15 Grayling High School students. The tour included a slide presentation and video of the company’s machines in operation. The Plant Manager discussed entry level jobs that can lead to advanced careers within Weyerhaeuser and the career paths involved. He also covered the generous tuition reimbursement program and generous vacation time the company offers (1 week off per month!). After the virtual tour, Michigan Works! Staff discussed how students could research career pathways further at PathFinder.com.


Carmeuse Holds Virtual Talent Tour
On October 27, Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium held a virtual Talent Tour via Facebook Live at Carmeuse Lime & Stone’s Calcite Quarry in Rogers City. Since the video went live on our facebook page, it has received over 1.4k views. Unfortunately, the audio quality is quite poor due to the windy day, but if you turn your speakers up real loud it’s a nice explanation of what goes on during a day at the largest open pit limestone quarry in the world.


Conveyor Systems, Inc. Holds Virtual Talent Tour for Alcona Students
On October 30, Michigan Works! offered a virtual Talent Tour of Conveyor Systems, Inc. Students from Alcona Schools tuned in to hear Jackie Krawczak discuss what the plant manufactures, what kinds of job positions are available, and what kind of training is required for those career paths. At the end of the presentation, Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional, Shelly Blankenship, discussed the PathFinder.com online tool that students can utilize to help them plan their future career paths.

Created on Thursday, November 12, 2020