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Springs Window Fashions Holds Virtual Talent Tour

Six students from the Shawono Center in Grayling participated in a Virtual Talent Tour of Springs Window Fashions on May 22, 2020 coordinated by Michigan Works! HR Manager, John Metts began by showing a video of their plant operations. Students were able to see what the company manufactures, and learn about a variety of jobs and careers. Also participating in the tour were two staff from Disability Network, two from the Shawono Center, and one from Michigan Works!

The tour lasted nearly two hours and included lengthy conversation with the students and John Metts about what it takes to land a job. John spoke candidly about what he looks for during an interview. He gave advice on how to overcome barriers and obstacles through growth and determination. He offered each student the opportunity to have him review their resumes, and to go through a mock interview with him for practice. He emphasized how the students could each map out their career trajectories.

Michigan Works! staff covered Career PathFinder @ mitalent.org and all the resources the agency provides. The students were quite interested in funding opportunities to help further their education, and what other resources are available for housing and transportation.

Upcoming student engagement workshops scheduled with Shawono students include a Virtual Talent Tour and a finance class in June coordinated by Michigan Works!

Technology made this Talent Tours possible while Springs Window Fashions remains closed to the public during COVID-19. John sees virtual tours as a great alternative and benefit for the students not being onsite at his plant. Some takeaways ….. the audience was more engaged without the loud machines running, forklifts moving lumber, and staff moving about on the plant floor. There was better conversation flowing, instead of just questions and answers, and it was a more personal experience for everyone involved. There was also no need for transportation costs, and it cut down on the cost of safety equipment for the company.

Created on Monday, June 15, 2020