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Vanderbilt Students Tour Albie's Foods, Sunfrog, H&S Mold, and Munson Otsego Memorial Hospital

12/11/19 – Eleven Vanderbilt students toured four Gaylord employers, including Albie’s Foods, H&S Mold, Otsego Memorial Hospital, and Sunfrog. Kirtland Community College information was also distributed.


During the Albie’s Foods tour, they used a black light to show the germs on your hands and showed proper hand washing techniques. They also showed the students the multiple styles of freezing processes and food manufacturing processes. Students were surprised at what the machines could do and enjoyed the tour. The guides also discussed what educational requirements were needed to work there, from college degrees for managers to simply high school diplomas for production.


At H&S Mold, the students were able to see a variety of products the company makes and see the CNC processes. They also got to see laser welding, with a few students being able to try out the laser welding hands-on (which they all really enjoyed). The tour guides explained the different positions available at the plant and discussed the different educational requirements for the positions.


At Munson’s Otsego Memorial Hospital, students learned about HIPPA and were able to tour the OB, Lab, Physical Therapy, Shipping, Nursing Home, and Emergency Room departments. They were able to see hands-on what an ultrasound machine is and how to use it, demonstrated by showing a student volunteer’s veins and arteries in his arm. The tour guides also discussed the educational requirements to work at different positions within the hospital, which range from high school diploma to masters degree. Students were surprised at the variety of job opportunities within the hospital. 


At Sunfrog, students were able to see different products and the processes involved to make shirts, leather, tumblers and more. Students were surprised to see how items can be personalized, right down to the tag in a shirt. The tour guides discussed how many products can be produced in a day and explained that the positions throughout the company require a variety of education, from high school diploma to masters degree. Students enjoyed seeing the inside of the factory and noticed how well the Sunfrog employees are treated, but wished the tour could have been longer and individual employees could have talked more about their positions.

Created on Tuesday, January 7, 2020