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A Promising Future in Public Safety Thanks to Michigan Works!

Rickey Heavner

Rickey H. wanted to build his future. He wanted to go to college and become a police officer, but he was facing some significant financial challenges. He lacked parental support and often found himself in a transient state, staying with friends. His future career plans were on hold because he couldn’t get the financial documentation needed in order to even qualify for financial aid.

He worked closely with Youth Career Advisor, Jessie Trumble, at Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium and enrolled in their Out-of-School Youth program. Jessie helped Rickey with post-secondary prep and transition activities to help him get qualified for FAFSA, followed by training activities to pay for tuition when FAFSA was denied. In addition, he participated in paid and unpaid work experiences, job shadowing activities at Shawono Center and the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department. Michigan Works! was also able to assist with support services, including mileage reimbursement and tutoring activities in deficient areas.

Since working with Michigan Works!, Rickey has completed his first year of college and has his FAFSA in place for his second year. He has also secured a job as a Marine Patrol with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department.

Thanks to the assistance the WIOA Youth Program provided, Rickey has a promising future in Public Safety. He is establishing connections that will lead him to a promising future.

This experience has taught Rickey that there are people and organizations out there who can help and that it’s ok to ask for help if you can’t figure something out on your own.

Created on Thursday, July 18, 2019