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On the Road to a New Future

Will's CDL-A

Will first started working with Michigan Works! through the WIOA Youth Program. He was homeless, living with his girlfriend’s family, and trying to find a way to go back to school or at least get some other job training. He had attended a community college in Grand Rapids right out of high school, even playing on their baseball team, but after a year he could no longer afford his schooling. With no other financial help, Will was forced to quit school and get a job to try to make ends meet. As he was trying to find work, he began working Michigan Works! and their Out-of-School Youth Program. He also became dual enrolled in Michigan Works! WIOA Adult program as well. After working with Michigan Works! staff to research what career path he’d be interested in, Will decided he’d like to obtain his CDL. With help from Michigan Works!, Will was enrolled in the Road Warriors Truck Driving School.

Thanks to the Michigan Works! program assistance, most of Will’s training costs were covered. In addition, he got assistance with required clothing, work boots, and mileage to/from his training. Staff at Michigan Works! also helped Will with updating his resume and with his job search. He currently has some great leads and it’s expected he’ll be hired on soon.

Thanks to the assistance provided by Michigan Works!, Will was able to overcome some major obstacles in his life. He is very proud of his accomplishment of obtaining his Class A CDL and he’s excited about his future as a truck driver.

“The Michigan Works! Staff is always inviting and thoughtful,” says Will. “They really worked with me and helped me figure out a career path that was best for me. They are also giving me job leads and I’m hopeful I’ll be employed soon. I am grateful for all their help.”

Before working with Michigan Works!, Will did not have any family support and he struggled to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Road Warriors Truck Driving School was extremely patient with Will during his training. When Will struggled with the written portion of the test, Road Warriors trainer Kurt chose to work with Will one-on-one to help him pass. Road Warriors even extended his training another 3 weeks in order to give him time to prepare and pass his test.

Created on Wednesday, February 13, 2019