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BRN Success Coach Helps Veteran Employee with Housing Situation

When Lance first made contact with the BRN (Business Resource Network) Success Coach that his company offered, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He just knew he needed help with his current situation at home, since it was starting to affect his work life.

Lance and his girlfriend had recently moved in together, but the terms of the move-in weren’t followed, resulting in a fight and a break up. His girlfriend had moved her adult age children in with her as well, which caused great tensions between Lance and her. The fight led to their break-up and Lance moving out. He had been staying in a hotel on a night-to-night basis, but that was becoming financially unsustainable. With little savings, Lance was unsure what to do and hoped the Success Coach could offer some guidance.

When Success Coach Denis Mayowski learned Lance was a veteran, he reached out to Veteran Liaison Matt Hagaman at the Gaylord Michigan Works! office. Matt suggested they try Patriot Place, a Veterans Transitional Housing Community. Within five days of first working with the Success Coach, Lance was moving into Patriot Place.

Now that Lance has overcome his housing situation, his personality has changed at work. No longer sitting alone in a corner of the breakroom, Lance is noticeably different - smiling and telling jokes and stories to co-workers.

Lance admits he doesn’t like asking for help and never really has, but after this experience, says he’s much more open to getting assistance when trying to overcome difficult times.

Success Coach Denis Mayowski agrees, stating there’s nothing wrong with asking for help; that is what the BRN program is designed for.

Created on Tuesday, February 12, 2019