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Young Mother from Arizona Gets Job Assistance and More Thanks to Michigan Works!

Xenia Gets Job

Xenia Hirales had recently moved from Arizona to Michigan to get away from situations that were not healthy for her and her daughter. Her boyfriend’s family provided a place to stay until they got back on their feet. Xenia didn’t have a job lined up and didn’t know of any local resources available to get help with things for her 2-year old. She applied for help through DHHS and was referred to Michigan Works! for job search assistance. 

Xenia says, “Michigan Works! helped me with so much. They helped me with filling out applications, building my resume, and allowed me to use their computer and telephone, and they helped me get my job at the Shell Station. I was also referred to the GED program and have been working towards getting my GED. I received a voucher for some work clothes which was a big help. Not only did I get help with finding a job, but I also was referred to Thunder Bay for our medical needs, counseling, and the local food pantry.”

Thanks to the help she received from Michigan Works!, Xenia is now working towards her GED and is employed part-time. She really likes her job and her boyfriend recently got their own apartment . She is currently working on getting a vehicle as well. 

“I am very thankful for all of the services provided to me and I am getting back on my feet,” says Xenia. “I did not want to move back to Arizona, so I wanted to work really hard to find a job and my own place. Everyone here has been so helpful. I was very nervous to move to Michigan when I didn’t know anyone or how to get any help. I didn’t have any work experience so I thought it would be really hard to find a job. I learned that with the help of Michigan Works!, I was able to find employment and now I am able to take care of my daughter.”

Created on Thursday, December 27, 2018