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Doyle Roofing Receives Safety Training and More Thanks to Skilled Trades Training Fund

Doyle Inc. Roofing is a 29+ year Cheboygan, MI based business specializing in commercial roofing. Doyle utilizes the latest technology, trends and safety to remain competitive. Their goal is to grow every year, not only financially, but in employee numbers as well. During the 2017 season, Doyle Inc. invested approximately $95,000 in new equipment and another $12,000 in 2018. In addition, they invested $5,000 in employee training and $10,000 in new safety equipment. As the technology and industry standards change, the need for new training increases as well. Current employees need advanced training and new employees need multiple types of training. Keeping up with training requirements to remain competitive results in a significant investment for this small rural company, and is a clear demonstration of their commitment to their employees and the community economy.

With assistance from Michigan Works!, Doyle Inc. Roofing was able to secure $7,442 in 2018 Skilled Trade Training Funds, which was used to train 5 existing employees. Thanks to the training grant, Doyle was able to provide an operator position instead of hiring a sub-contractor for their hoisting needs. It also allowed them to promote laborers to field technicians and field technicians to job supervisors. The employees who completed these trainings received wage increases as well. In addition, the clerical staff were able to learn new and different office procedures  which helped company efficiency.

Training included: First Aid, CPR/AED, Fork Lift Operator Certification, GAF Membrane and DH2 Insulation Installer Certification, techniques, trends and technology, and Office, Advanced QuickBooks and Advanced Word training for Accounting and Job Tracking. Without this continued education and training, Doyle could have faced losing contracts if they couldn’t meet industrial standards, or worse, risked injuries to their employees due to lack of training. Lack of training could easily have led to layoffs, loss of business, and possible business closure.

Doyle’s Office Manager, Karen Ross, says the training that was provided to their employees helped to ensure that Doyle is using the best safety practices and most up-to-date technology. She reports that they’ll likely apply again next year for the training fund awards.

Employees were thrilled with the opportunity to learn more skills and the potential for promotions, reporting: "I appreciate that Doyle Inc Roofing is up to speed on all safety requirements, regulations and technologies" and “this makes the job quicker and more efficient.”

Created on Monday, November 19, 2018