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Single-mom Gets Help From Michigan Works! To Become Nurse

As a single mom, Bethany Matthews struggled financially just to get by, and the thought of going to college to become a Nurse seemed impossible. She began to research her options, applying for financial aid, as well as other scholarships. When she heard about the Michigan Works! classroom training assistance program, she applied for that, too. With the help of her North Central Michigan College advisor and Michigan Works! Career Advisor, Bethany was able to figure out a plan to be able to complete her Nursing Degree.

“Michigan Works! helped me tremendously,” states Bethany. “They assisted me with tuition and books, mileage to and from school and clinicals, which was over 100 miles round trip, and the cost of my NCLEX exam. I often had to fax and e-mail my paperwork for clinicals and the Michigan Works! staff was always willing to help me submit my paperwork.”

Bethany received her Associate Degree in Nursing and RN licensure and graduated with a 3.4 GPA. She is happy to report that she has graduated debt-free and even landed a job right away at Marquette General Hospital as an RN, earning $25.62 per hour, 36 hours per week. She had just gotten married this summer and was excited to make her home in the Marquette area.

Bethany continues, “I am so thankful for all the help from Michigan Works! I wouldn't be where I am today without their assistance. The staff is very friendly and wonderful to work with. I plan to continue my education and complete my Bachelor's Degree in the near future and my employer will pay for 75% of my training.”

Bethany reflects on her situation, stating that obtaining her degree was not always easy, especially being a single mom. She had to work hard and put forth a lot of effort, but she knew she needed to do it for her family.

Created on Monday, August 27, 2018