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Continued Veteran Success Found through Michigan Works!

Jerry Hollister with runway clearing equipment.
Jerry Hollister with runway clearing equipment.

Alpena Ground Services is an equipment maintenance company out of Pellston that has an Alpena location at the Alpena Regional Airport. They have always been committed to hiring veterans and they believe in the quality of their labor. The workers they have hired prove this to be true still today. “Those who have served in the military have great soft skills and great work ethic, ” says Gary Beaudry, recently retired Alpena Ground Services supervisor.

For quite a while now, Alpena Ground Services has turned to Michigan Works! for their employment need; when they need workers, they know who to call. In fact, their last 3 employees came from Michigan Works!

Michigan Works! helped find Lynn Bunting, their current Office Manager, Matt Meese, now promoted to Supervisor, and Jerry Hollister, their newest on-the-job trainee. Matt Meese was hired in 2013 as an on-the-job trainee and was later promoted to Supervisor. It was Matt that hired veteran Jerry Hollister, as a new on-the-job trainee. Jerry is reportedly doing great in his new position and has already increased his wage.

Newest recruit Jerry Hollister reports, “Keeping the runways clear of animals and debris is not always an easy job. It requires large equipment and steady monitoring. Something as small as a turtle can become a big problem.”

Created on Tuesday, October 27, 2015