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Northern Michigan Data Center Stays Competitive Thanks to Skilled Trades Training Fund

Jeff Stanifer, 1010 Network Administrator
Jeff Stanifer, 1010 Network Administrator

1010 Technology Center, Inc. is a privately owned data center located in Alpena, Michigan and is one of the only state-of-the-art data centers available in Northern Michigan.  Years went into the planning and development of the business with an emphasis on finding the right geographic location with the ability to provide up to a Tier 4 data center. They support the technology needs of a variety of financial institutions, school systems, municipalities, private businesses, and more throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond.

1010 Technology Center’s parent company, Panel Processing, had a business critical need to upgrade their Microsoft SharePoint software to replace their current SharePoint application, which was approximately 10 years old and running on hardware of the same age. With help from Michigan Works!, they were awarded $3,860 to train four existing employees.

With the STTF award, they were able to not only upgrade to the latest SharePoint, but also setup two new servers that will have a fail-over setup to provide high availability of the software in the event one server fails. 1010 Technology Center also utilized the training to grow business offerings beyond the initial Panel Processing project and continue to use the training and expertise long term for many other customers.

In addition, 1010 Technology Center has expanded their technical services to offer drone services. STTF helped them complete the proper training and now they can offer drone services for applications such as Disaster Management (Man-made and natural), Journalism, filming and aerial photography, Shipping and Receiving, Search and Rescue/Healthcare , Geographic Mapping , Structural Safety Inspections, Precision Agriculture, Wildlife Monitoring/Pooching, Law-Enforcement and border patrol, Construction Sites, and Storm Tracking/Forecasting, etc.

By helping 1010 Technology stay competitive in their industry, this training has helped avert layoffs and, at the same time, increase individual skills and potential increase in wages for the current employees. The four employees learned new skills at New Horizons Computer Learning Center and Alpena Community College in both SharePoint and Aerial Drone Systems.

"Thank you for the opportunity to receive this generous training grant,” states Doug Chroninger, VP of Technology at 1010. “Having the Microsoft SharePoint training will allow 1010 Technology Center to upgrade and support one of our customer’s current SharePoint systems that is in need of an upgrade, so they can take advantage of the features offered by the current software. This training will also allow 1010 Technology Center to not only utilize the product for our internal use but to expand our SharePoint services to other customers and increase our sales revenue."

1010’s Network Administrator Jeff Stanifer agrees, “The training for SharePoint 2016 was incredibly helpful and has prepared me for when we roll out new installs to our customers. The teachers were all incredibly helpful, and the classes were very detailed and covered all the processes and procedures necessary for a successful deployment.”

"After successful completion of the SharePoint classes, I feel confident in my ability to implement and administer SharePoint,” says Karl Heidemann, 1010 Network Technician. “This training will surely contribute to a positive impact on our company’s future plans for implementing a new intranet infrastructure. Thank you for this opportunity."

Created on Thursday, July 12, 2018