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Justin Tough Plans For Future Thanks to JMG Program

Justin Tough Graduate
Justin Tough shown on left

Justin Tough was behind in credits when WIOA Youth Case Manager AJ Stibitz met him at Presque Isle Academy. He didn’t have transportation to school and work, he faced turmoil in his past and in his home life, and he had no plan for after graduation.   

AJ worked with Justin to help him overcome his barriers and graduate from Presque Isle Academy. Justin successfully and consistently held a job through high school. He participated in four trips to Lansing, including one for Legislative Day, one for Leadership Day and two times at the Career Development Conference. Justin is currently enrolled at Alpena Community College in the Auto Body Repair Program and will start in the Fall of 2018. He has already completed the necessary steps for financial aid.

While in the JMG program, Justin made great progress:

  • He showed great leadership in creating the school garden.
  • He successfully communicated with officials during JMG’s Legislative Day.
  • He has held a job as a dishwasher for three years.
  • He completed his course work early in his senior year and has spent time volunteering around the school.
  • He now has a plan to further his education.   

Justin says, “Through the years that I have been a part of the program, JAG has helped me get up on my feet and prepare myself for a better future.”  

Created on Wednesday, June 6, 2018