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Alcona Students Tour Kalitta Air

Kalitta Air Talent Tour

May 31, 2018 - 14 students from Alcona High School, ranging from sophomores to seniors, toured Kalitta Air in Oscoda, MI. In addition to touring the facility, the students learned about what positions are available and what training and education is required to obtain these positions. They also learned more about Kalitta’s current apprenticeship program.

During the tour, students were guided through the maintenance building, the airline hanger, an airplane, and the machine shop. They were also able to speak with current Kalitta employees and supervisors and get an inside look at the professions available.

Students check out airplane engines at Kalitta

The tour lasted just over two hours, at which point the students boarded the bus again to head for the Lincoln Michigan Works! office. While at the office, they had a pizza party and had a short presentation regarding Michigan Works! services, including resume assistance, interview guidance, job search help, career planning, and Pathfinder.

Feedback from the tour was positive. An Alcona teacher in attendance stated, "Very impressive set up and opportunities that kids have."

 While students reported:

Students board plane at Kalitta tour

"Really exciting, educational, the people who did it were very cool and explained things well. It made me a lot more interested in it. After this tour, this is something I am going to pursue."

 "I would like to work there when I am older."

 "Good job opportunity. Good for the future."

Created on Wednesday, June 6, 2018