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Michigan Works! Gives Job Seeker Something to Smile About

After 11 years working as a cook for a well-established restaurant organization in Petoskey, MI, Arnold S. was let go from his job. He came to the Onaway Michigan Works! to register for work, apply for unemployment, and receive assistance with his job search.

After being employed for so long, Arnold wasn’t feeling too confident in his job search. He was also afraid that he wouldn’t find employment due to his age and his appearance (he could not afford dentures). Michigan Works! Talent Specialist Yolanda Romel helped Arnold through the unemployment process and helped him update his resume. She also gave him some interview tips and offered a few local job referrals that were seeking experienced cooks. In addition, she told him about Thunder Bay Community Dental Health’s services and their sliding scale fees.

After working with Yolanda, Arnold felt encouraged enough to apply to one of her referrals, since they were seeking cooks with experience. He got the job! And he also has a dental appointment scheduled to get a new set of dentures too.

Arnold was very thankful for the energetic and helpful staff at the Onaway Michigan Works! office. He states, “Yolanda helped me stay positive and acquire a new job within 1.5 weeks after losing my 11-year position. The hope and positivity was amazing.”

Created on Monday, June 4, 2018