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Grayling Fire & Police and Munson Hospital Tours

Students checkout fire truck
On May 2, 2018 twelve students from Fairview Schools and two from Grayling High took Talent Tours of the Grayling Police & Fire Departments and Munson Hospital. Both locations went out-of the way to show the students several departments and options for future employment. They each also offered hands-on experiences. Following the tour, students came back to Michigan Works! for pizza and a short Michigan Works! presentation on MW! services, including how our office can help prepare them for the interview process and assist with creating resumes, cover letters and job searches.

At Grayling Police & Fire, firefighter Justin Wethington kicked off the tour by speaking about what a day in the life of a firefighter looks like. He touched on taking the first steps in the application process and what schooling and training is needed to become a firefighter. Following the brief discussion students were led to the garage and learned about the equipment on the trucks and each experienced sitting in a fire engine, which was a highlight moment for them.

Students see Police Car
The next area they explored was the Police Department. Officer Travis VanDeCasteele explained the qualifications for becoming an officer and what training is like in the police academy. Students learned what equipment and supplies are in a squad car and even experienced sitting in the back of the police car.

Jenny Maples, staff member at the the Police/Fire Department, helped organize the tour and viewed the site tour as a very positive and necessary experience for students. Jenny stated, “Kids are able to learn and retain more about a career when they can experience it first hand. Being able to sit in one of our vehicles and learn about the equipment on board gives them a real world look at the job. It’s way more impactful than someone just talking to them about a career.”

Fairview Schools teacher, Amy Klouse thought the tour helped those students who have an interest in public service careers, while for others it gave them more information and a glimpse into those types of careers. Following the tour, when students were asked about their visit, they shared these comments:
  • “It was awesome, very cool to sit in a fire truck.”
  • “Never knew a fire truck was that big in person.”
  • “It was nice to hear the firefighter talk about giving back and doing a job he loves, that’s why he gets up in the morning.”
Continuing their Touring at Munson, HR Manager Val Hughes introduced the students to five departments within the hospital, starting with the Emergency Room & Trauma Center. From there students toured the main entrance and learned about positions in the switchboard/check-in area and administrative roles. In Radiology, Diagnotics and Blood Lab they learned about testing and analyzing blood platelets and jobs and training needed in those departments. They even had the opportunity to see an MRI in progress on a patient with back issues; the patient’s identity was kept confidential. In the Respiratory Department they were presented with information on ventilators and all jobs related to that department. The final stop was the Kitchen and Nutrition area where jobs and skills needed in food service were showcased. Many jobs in this area were featured as great jobs to start at because they are entry level with advancement opportunities available. And... fresh baked cookies were made specially for the students.

Students learn about CAT Scans
Val also spoke about the generous pay scale Munson offers and that the starting wage for all hospital positions is at least $13 per hour, including those that do not require anything more than a high school diploma. Another very generous opportunity is that the hospital offers job shadowing, where an individual can experience a day at the facility shadowing a person in a job role they have an interest in. Fairview Schools teacher, Bobbi Ross, who teaches the Senior Seminar students, has reached out for more information about the job shadowing program for some of her students.

ER / Trauma Dr talks to students
Munson was an excellent tour that featured a wide variety of jobs within the healthcare industry. Students walked away with knowing what training and skills are needed and how much the healthcare field is growing and in demand. Talent Tours are an excellent opportunity to show students the many careers and jobs available at employers. One student reported, “I had no idea there were so many jobs at the hospital besides being a doctor or a nurse.”
Created on Monday, June 4, 2018