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Michigan Works! Helps Job Seeker Keep on Truckin'


For 24 years, veteran Brian Robertson has been a truck driver. He even owned his owned trucking company at one time. When Brian left his most recent trucking job due to lack of hours, he came immediately to Michigan Works! for employment assistance and help with his resume.

Brian was unsure where to start in his job search and was having issues with his home computer, so he utilized Michigan Works! computers to begin his online search. Talent Specialists Jennifer Coughlin and Shelly Blankenship were able to give Brian job referrals, help him fill out online applications, help him create his resume, and help him look into veteran services.

Shortly after beginning his job search, Brian was offered a truck driving position with Arctic Glacier, but then received another, better paying trucking offer with Causley Mail. He took the job and loves it.

Thanks to the services he received from Michigan Works!, Brian was able to get a good paying job.

“As a person raised to do it all on your own and to take pride it in that, it was hard to ask for assistance,” said Brian earnestly. “You encouraged me to keep trying and keep applying; that something would come along.”

Prior to landing his new job, Brian was denied unemployment benefits, which was very challenging for him. He tried to fight the denial, but it took a very long time for him to win his case. This too was a learning experience, with Brian stating, “[don’t] leave a job before having another lined up to be able to pay your bills. Make sure you are goal oriented in your job search, but make sure you know you can make ends meet.”

Created on Wednesday, September 6, 2017