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On-the-Job Training Pays Off for Employer

Springs Window Fashion Receives OJT Reimbursements

Springs Window Fashions has been part of the home décor industry since 1939. Today, their products are available in nearly every major retailer and in thousands of design showrooms. They design and produce a full line of exceptional window treatments in a wide array of color and textures.

When Springs found themselves faced with the challenge of finding additional employees to work in their wood manufacturing plant in Grayling, MI, HR Manager John Metts gave Michigan Works! Business Services Professional Alayne Hansen a call.

Working closely with John, Alayne helped identify job seekers who were working with Michigan Works! and would be a good fit for Springs. Then Grayling Michigan Works! Talent Specialists helped the job seekers to update their resumes and apply via the online application process.

In January, 11 individuals referred by Michigan Works! were found eligible for on-the-job training contracts and were hired at Springs. Of the 11 hired in January, 10 still remain with the company eight months later. Thanks to the OJT funding, Springs was able to get just under $30,000 back in wage reimbursements. In addition to the OJT funds, Springs also worked with Michigan Works! to receive Incumbent Worker Training funds to train five employees in beginner and intermediate Excel. Thanks to that training, two employees were even promoted to higher positions within the company.

John Metts, Springs HR Manager states, “We sure appreciate all the support Springs has received from Michigan Works! and their staff. It’s an excellent partnership that has helped put many people back to work.”

“This really goes to show that hiring challenges can be overcome by working with partners,” said Alayne Hansen. “In this case, Michigan Works! and Springs worked together for over seven months to find candidates, get them job ready, and help them overcome their own barriers to employment. Hiring those who have been unemployed and/or lack the skills needed to perform the job can often times pay off. Springs is very satisfied with the people they’ve hired through Michigan Works! and they’re empowering these individuals to learn and grow in advanced careers with the company.”

Created on Wednesday, August 2, 2017