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Hired On-the-Spot Thanks to Michigan Works! Referral


Andrea Gibelyou was unemployed and needing assistance with her job search. She was referred to Michigan Works! from the Department of Health and Human Services and enrolled in the AEP/PATH program.

Andrea worked with Talent Specialist Mary Davis on her job search, as well as Case Manager Trainers Michelle Burns and Liz Kowalski. Michigan Works! referred Andrea to check out Starbest Construction, as they were hiring full-time general laborers.

“I came to Michigan Works! to participate in the PATH program and was informed that Starbest Construction needed a worker,” says Andrea. “On my lunch break from Michigan Works! PATH program work, I went to Starbest Construction and got hired on the spot!”

Thanks to the referral from Michigan Works!, Andrea was able to quickly secure full-time employment and is now making $10/hr. Andrea said she learned that it’s ok to ask for help/assistance when needed, because you can be surprised what can be accomplished and change in one day.

Created on Tuesday, March 21, 2017