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How do I get hired?

You found the job you want. You're ready to apply. Now what?

First impressions are critical when applying to a job. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Your Resume

  • Review your resume for format, spelling and grammar typos before posting it online or sending it to an employer! Get a friend to review it as well.
  • Once your resume rocks, don't forget to post it on Pure Michigan Talent Connect.
  • If you're sending your resume to apply to a job, try to tailor your resume for that specific job. Does your objective fill their needs? Does your work experience show you can do the job you are applying for?

The Job Application

  • When filling out a job application, fill out EVERY question. Even if you have to write "N/A" or "not applicable". You don't want an employer to think you're lazy or even worse, you aren't thorough and missed the question entirely! This will reflect on their opinion of how much effort you will put in as an employee.
  • Dress "interview-ready" even when you are just stopping by a business to pick up an application or to drop one off. You never know if the hiring manager might be the person handing you the application or might even want to interview you on the spot!

The Interview

  • Read up on interview techniques and practice, practice, practice! Record yourself or practice with a friend. Remember, never bad-mouth others or past employers in an job interview!
  • Dress professionally for the interview - no dirty, stained, or ripped clothing, and nothing too revealing. Think "church-dress".
  • At the interview, remember to smile, make eye contact, don't fidget, have good posture, don't interrupt the interviewer, and shake their hand/thank them before you leave. Practice your handshake ahead of time - aim for firm, but not too hard.

Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Nothing is worse than bombing the interview of a job you really wanted. Make sure you are as prepared as possible by researching the company and the position, in addition to preparing your resume and practicing for the interview.
  • Utilize all the tools available to you. Attend as many workshops or training classes as you can. Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium offers free workshops to help job seekers with resumes, interview skills, job search, and more. View upcoming workshops

Don't give up, but be realistic.

  • Job search not working? Figure out what the problem is and work on fixing it. Are you getting interviews? Are you getting job offers? Are you hearing nothing?  If you’re not being contacted, you may need to improve your resume and interviewing skills through workshops or an appointment with a Michigan Works! Talent Specialist.
  • Continue learning. Do you notice most of the jobs you’re applying for, or would like to apply for, require more education that you currently have?  Or do you need a little tweak or enhancement of your skills? If you are eligible, Michigan Works! may be able to provide tuition scholarships to help you go back to school in an in-demand, high-wage field. Speak with Michigan Works! Staff to determine if this is the right choice for you. Remember, career success is a life-long commitment. You need to be realistic about your ability to compete for the jobs you are applying to.