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We Offer Free Employer Solutions

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium offers a variety of free services and programs to help employers attract and recruit the best qualified candidates and meet their demands for a skilled workforce. Our Business Solutions Professionals leverage partnerships between business, workforce development, educators and economic developers to ensure your continued success.

All Michigan Works! services are provided to you at NO cost.

Our Employer Solutions include...

  • Outreach and recruitment assistance
  • Application screening and qualified applicant referrals
  • Direct placement of job ready workers
  • Online Job postings, assistance with job descriptions, and wage research
  • Hiring events, job fairs, and interview space (by appointment)
  • Information regarding pre-employment testing
  • Training and funding opportunities for new and current workers
  • Up-to-date information on state and federal employment programs

Let us help you recruit and retain qualified talent.

Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professionals can work with you to create a customized solution to address your unique talent needs.

  • We have access to the largest talent pool in Michigan and can help you find candidates that match your unique employment needs, no matter the level or skill set.
  • We offer human resource services such as wage research, recruitment, and job fairs.
  • Through a variety of state and federal programs, we are able to provide a number of training options to help you develop a strong, skilled and educated workforce.

Fill positions with confidence. As easy as...

  1. Get connected: Contact us today to see how we can best help your business.
  2. Develop a plan: Speak with a local, experienced Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional dedicated to helping you meet your talent demands.
  3. Get back to business: Focus on growth while we assist you in finding, training and retaining qualified employees.

Recruitment Assistance

Hiring can be time consuming and finding the right fit can be a challenge. Michigan Works! can help. We will work with you to develop a plan to help you find the right fit for your business, quickly and efficiently, all at no cost!

Employers across Michigan turn to the Michigan Works! System to identify skilled candidates who are prepared and ready to succeed. We offer a variety of services, such as job advertisement, training support, talent recruitment, applicant screening and resume sorting, to ensure that the labor force meets the needs of employers.

An Extension of Your Human Resources Office
Employers are free to use Michigan Works! office space, as well as equipment including phones, computers, fax and internet, for hiring and training activities, if necessary. Contact your Business Solutions Professional to reserve specific times/dates or for other recruitment assistance.

Training Solutions for Your Workforce

Customized Training programs offer funding for employers to upgrade existing or new employees skills in order to retain/maintain employment, avert layoffs, or add to the businesses viability and productivity.

Registered Apprenticeships offer workers a combination of paid on-the-job learning and related instruction in a skilled occupation. Apprentices are employed at the start of their apprenticeship and work through specific curricula until program completion.

Going PRO Talent Fund (GPTF) provides competitive awards for employers to train and upgrade their workers skills to help the business grow and remain competitive. Learn more.

Subsidized Private and Public Sector Employment offers 100% wage reimbursement to employers hiring PATH participants who lack job specific skills, and have otherwise demonstrated previous barriers to maintaining employment.

Retention and Layoff Aversion

We offer layoff aversion strategies that can prevent layoffs or minimize operational disruptions if a layoff is eminent. Confidentiality is assured. Let us help with the outplacement of workers and benefit employers by:

    • Lowering unemployment taxes - We can reduce the length of unemployment insurance claims by helping workers find new employment faster.
    • Reducing administrative burdens - We can oversee outplacement and readjustment, allowing you to concentrate on other activities associated with a facility closure or downsizing.
    • Continuing productivity - Productivity and quality can drop when morale tanks. Make a visible expression of commitment to the future of your affected workers by having offering them Michigan Works! assistance.
    • Providing a communication forum - We can serve as a source of reliable information and dispel rumors that can disrupt the work place.