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Michigan Works! Business Services

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium offers a variety of services and programs to help employers attract and recruit the best qualified candidates and meet their demands for a skilled workforce. Our Certified Business Services Professionals leverage partnerships between business, workforce development, educators and economic developers to ensure your continued success.

These services are provided to you at no cost.
Simply pick up the phone to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.


Our Services for Employers

  • Outreach and recruitment assistance
  • Screening applications
  • Qualified applicant referrals
  • Direct placement of job ready workers
  • Interview space by appointment
  • Job postings on Pure Michigan Talent Connect
  • Assistance with job descriptions and labor market information
  • Local hiring events and job fairs
  • Information regarding pre-employment testing
  • Wage reimbursement to train eligible candidates
  • Training and funding opportunities for new and current workers
  • Up-to-date information on State and Federal employment programs
  • Single point of contact for all services

Recruitment Assistance

From needs assessment, including assistance with job descriptions, wage research and position profiling; to marketing open positions, including posting your positions on Michigan Talent Connect, social media recruitment, and job fairs; to managing the application process, including application and resume collection, applicant screening, and candidate interview scheduling; your Business Services Professional can help you with all aspects of recruitment.

PMTC logoPure Michigan Talent Connect (PMTC) is a site that offers employers a speedy, effective search for qualified employment candidates across the state. This electronic labor exchange service allows job seekers to enter their resumes into a database that employers can easily access and search through for qualified applicants. Employers may search by geographical area, specific criteria or both to find the person they are looking for. Job seekers at Michigan Works! are encouraged to upload their resumes to PMTC and to use PMTC for their primary job search. Your Business Services Professional can help you make sure all of your job postings get uploaded to PMTC.

Application Fairs, Job Fairs and Career Fairs
img_2117.jpgWhen multiple employers are hiring but do not have the time to attend a job/career fair, Michigan Works! can put together an Application Fair. Michigan Works! staff will help job seekers fill out applications to a variety of job openings. Applications are screened prior to deliver back to the employer. If an employer has multiple openings, they can hold a Job Fair at a Michigan Works! Service Center. Michigan Works! will market this single employer event and provide office space for the employer to collect resumes and do on-the-spot interviews. Our largest recruitment event, our Career Fairs, are usually held in the spring (April) and consist of many employers at one location. Hundreds of job seekers show up to these events to apply for open positions in the area. Application Fairs, Job Fairs and Career Fairs are free to employers and job seekers.

Training Solutions for Your Workforce

Customized Training provides assistance with training funds for employers to upgrade the skills of existing or new employees in order to retain or maintain employment, enhance their wage earning capacity, or to add to the viability and productivity of the business.

Incumbent Worker Training is designed to meet the special requirements of an employer to retain a skilled workforce or to avert the need to lay off employees by assisting the workers in obtaining the skills necessary to retain employment.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) can help newly hired eligible employees acquire occupational skills in a paid working environment. Employers are eligible to be reimbursed for up to 50% of the participating employee's wage during the training period. OJT must be in place prior to candidates hire and training must be for a job that is considered in-demand in the area.

Registered Apprenticeship is a national training system offering workers a combination of paid on-the-job learning and related technical and theoretical instruction in a skilled occupation. Registered Apprenticeships offer job seekers immediate employment opportunities that usually pay higher wages and offer continued career growth. Apprentices are employed at the start of their apprenticeship and work through a series of defined curricula until the completion of their apprenticeship programs.

Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) provides competitive awards for the development and implementation of training that ensures employers have access to a talent pipeline that allows them to compete and grow, and job seekers have the skills they need to find and retain employment that pays a living wage. Learn more.

Subsidized Employment - Subsidized Private and Public Sector Employment (SPPSE) offers 100% wage reimbursement to employers hiring PATH participants who lack job specific skills, and have otherwise demonstrated previous barriers to maintaining employment. Supportive services will be provided to the participant when necessary to ensure their ability to complete training. Michigan Works! Staff will monitor and document the participant's progress at least once per week to provide guidance and support.

Federal Tax Credits and Hiring Incentives - We can connect you with available tax credits and incentives to reduce recruitment and training costs.

National Career Readiness Certificate - This job analysis and assessment system helps you identify a precise set of skills required for success on the job and evaluate workers skills. Skills are identified by bronze, silver, and gold certifications in applied mathematics, reading for information, and locating skills. On the Michigan Career Readiness Certificate, an additional 12 basic workplace skill standards are assessed, including oral/written communications, teamwork, critical thinking/problem solving, and information technology applications.

An Extension of Your Human Resources Office

Employers are free to use Michigan Works! office space, as well as equipment including phones, computers, fax and internet, for hiring and training activities, if necessary. Contact your Business Services Professional to reserve specific times/dates.

Business Retention - Layoff Aversion & Downsizing Solutions

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium offers resources to assist you during difficult times. We offer layoff aversion strategies that can prevent layoffs or minimize operational disruptions if a layoff is eminent.

Services may include: business consulting; information about government loans, grants and other programs; new market potential; tax incentives; and work training assistance. Confidentiality is assured.

Layoff Aversion and Dislocated Worker Services: For most employers, layoffs are a last resort. We partner with local and state agencies to help distressed businesses return to profitability. If layoffs are necessary, we are available for early assistance to help the affected employees cope with the traumatic effects of job loss and make a speedy transition back into the workforce. We will provide on-site orientation to Service Center resources for groups of workers affected by layoffs, plant closings, or downsizing and can work with the employees to help them transition to new jobs.

We can assist with the outplacement of workers and benefit employers by:

    • Lowering unemployment taxes - Michigan Worsk! can reduce the length of unemployment insurance claims by helping workers find new employment more quickly.
    • Reducing administrative burdens - By overseeing and managing outplacement and readjustment, Michigan Works! permits managers to concentrate on the other activities associated with a facility closure or downsizing.
    • Continuing productivity - Productivity and quality can drop when morale flags. As a visible expression of commitment to the future of affected workers, Michigan Works! can help to sustain morale and reduces negative acts by discouraged workers.
    • Providing a communication forum - Michigan Works! can serve as a source of reliable information and dispel rumors that can disrupt the work place.

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Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium is a division of Northeast Michigan Consortium, an Equal Opportunity Employer. Supported by the State of Michigan. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request. TTY#711